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Delhi State Industrial And Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.




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The Delhi State Industrial And Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (DSIIDC) has played a key role in shaping the industrial growth of the Indian capital, a throbbing city of some 10 million people. Since it was established in February 1971, the DSIIDC has projected, aided, counseled, assisted, financed and promoted the interest of industries in Delhi. Today, Delhi, once known worldwide for skilled artisans, has carved a nice for itself as a prospering center for industries in Delhi. The number of industries in the city total over 1,00,000, making Delhi the epicenter for a wide variety of industrial products including high value and high-technology goods. The DSIDC’s involvement in the industrial growth of the capital is a success story.

Citizen Charter 

DSIIDC was incorporated as a company and registered under Companies Act, 1956 in February, 1971 with the main objects of aiding, counseling, assisting, financing, projecting and promoting the interests of small industries in Delhi and providing them with capital, credit, resources and technical and managerial assistance for the successful execution of their work and business. At the time of registration it was known as Delhi Small Industries Development Corporation Limited. However, in the year 1976 the name of the Company was changed to 'Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited' with a view to enlarge its area of operation

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Mr.Amit Yadav


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